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Friday, April 09, 2010

Dusting off the cobwebs

I've managed to dust off some of the cobwebs, and get this laptop and my desktop at work to sync using TortoiseHg, which is a Windows GUI for Mercurial. Getting used to a distributed source control system wasn't too bad, especially because I'm the only programmer so far.

I've pulled the code for my capabilities demo across, and have been tweaking it a bit. The demo itself is rather basic, so it needs a lot of work to be a useful teaching tool. The key take away is that a capability in cabsec speak is just a key.

I also looked into Delphi 2010, and have no way of justifying the $1000 price at this point in time, especially since it's not functionally better than Lazarus/FreePascal for me at this time. I was loading JPEGs into an image, and found it still uses the same lame methods as Delphi 5.

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