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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

getting back into it... day 4

I installed PyScripter (written in Delphi) and my productivity went way up now that I have a good debugger. I've now passed my unit tests for the first time. I feel I'm now on my way to becomming a python programmer, slowly but surely.

Installed same tools on my work machine, and did my first sync. I expected the contents on the C:\wave folder of obsolete to be updated... but that's not how a distributed system works... you then tell it to sync the changes on that machine to the tip... which prevents a ton of headaches... a much saner way to go.

I edited the ignore options on Tiny, now we don't care about the .pyc files.

I've deliberately made a bad edit and commit and reverted it... works well!

I'm feeling pretty good about this.

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